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This website is all about the Events, Food and activities that people can be involved in within the city of Devonport, Tasmania. You’ll be able to discover Entertainment festivals and various things to do when you visit here.

walking path in Devonport, TasmaniaDevonport Home aims to bring you up-to-date pictures to help people show what this beautiful place looks like before they visit or come to live here. The website will showcase what local events are happening within the region and where the best accommodation is within and around the surrounding homes of Devonport.

We aim too show you what is happening within the local community, attractions to see and list some of the best and exciting places to go when visiting Tasmania for the first time. Keep an eye out for the businesses we talk about and we’ll be mentioning some of the popular sporting events that will be happening for people to join in and have fun.

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Discover what Tasmania has to offer you when you’re visiting. You’ll find many activities you can do around Tasmania. View the destinations you can travel to, see which accommodation is best for you, and discover current events that are happening all over Tasmania.

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The main CBD is located on the west side of the river and includes a mall that runs through the main street of Rooke Street. The CMAX Cinema is available for movie entertainment in Best Street next to the indulgence cafe, which serves great coffee before going with friends to the movies. There are some great specialty stores and chain stores to shop in and quality hotels to stay at if your here on business.

The Spirit of Tasmania Ship In Devonport

Some of the popular restaurants include the Laneway Cafe, Dannebrog, Bellas, and the Sharkies restaurant as well as the Indian Affair. The old, former hospital in steele street is now under consideration to be converted into fifty apartment rentals for overseas back packers to stay at when visiting the city. Whether your starting of your trip here or visiting this location during your journey around beautiful Tasmania, you’ll find there is a lot to discover at the heart of Tasmania’s North-West Coast.

The City boasts a picture-perfect rocky coastline, which is located close to the heart of the city. Stay here for while to savor what the entire city and its surrounding area. Sample some of the best locally grown produce at the Devonport farmers market and browse some of the unique boutiques for arts and crafts to suit the whole family.