The CMAX Cinema In Devonport, Tasmania

The CMAX Cinema & carpark in Devonport  TAS

The CMAX is located in Best Street, Devonport and is the number 1 place for watching entertaining movies on the north-west coast of Tasmania. Featuring 4 large screening rooms, it can cater for a lots of people when the demand is high to see the latest films. The cinema is well known for its advanced technology it uses! The new design provides a full stadium of seating in each room available on location.

Movies Screening In 2015

The movies screening at CMAX Devonport

The Timetable Of Each Movie

The CMAX session times can change without notice due to certain cancellations at any time. This can be because of special showings, or changes in scheduling of the new releases. It’s a good idea to call the cinema on their phone number 64202111 for verification of the times before each film starts.

Sessions are listed on the Monday for the following week, this is because the sessions may be available for 3-7 days in advance so people will know which movies are being released. You will need to contact CMAX today for more detailed information.

The Session Timetable Available

Depending on what 3D film or shoot you want to see, the schedule can be different from whats below. The following times give a general timing of certain movies being played over the weekend from the Friday to the Sunday. Each seat is very soft and comfortable high back lounge, giving you the full experience of reclinable lift arms to make your own seating position. Each seat has the convenience of its own cup holder; perfect for that coke or soft drink purchased before sitting down. This cinema has the largest measuring screens and clearest picture you can see that will astound the senses so you’ll be able to enjoy the full experience here in Devonport, Tasmania. The sound quality that you will hear will amaze your senses, with its digital system that is crystal clear quality. You can feel the 10500 watts of earth shattering bass it provides for any action movie. This is a fantastic place for the family to be entertained while visiting Devonport and has a range of viewings planed each day anyone can choose from. They also support their local seniors presenting them with a Seniors Card so prices will then be $10.00 and a $3.50 surcharge will apply if someone wishes to view a 3D movie.

Special Functions Happening!

When you walk into the front door of the cinema, it has a spacious foyer on the first floor area and also complete with a ‘Regency Function Room’ to hold your post or pre-movie functions you might have planned. Birthday party offers and group discounts are also available.

Special Offers are Available!

Gift Vouchers are available for watching movies if you would like to buy one for someones birthday or for Christmas. They have tickets and candy bar combos also available to choose from. The gift vouchers can be upgraded for 3D films but a $3.50 surcharge applies to the cost.

They Cater for Disabilities

A high quality “Stereo Sound” which is an infra red hearing aid system in each cinema room with headphones are available on request. Easy disabled access via lift to each screening room for those who may not be able to walk up the stairs. Wheelchair seating is among the best seats as-well as spacious toilet facilities. Tactile tiles are at the stairs for those who may have a visual impairment. Low level counters are provided for candy bar and ticket sales at the self serve section of the candy bar.

The Movie Trailer For Safe Haven


The Movies that are screening in 2013!

  • Beautiful Creatures
  • Cirque du Soleil: Worlds Away 3D
  • Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters 3D
  • I give it a year
  • Lincoln
  • Quartet
  • Safe Haven
  • Save Your Legs
  • The Impossible
  • The Last Stand
  • Monsters – Watch in 3D

Map of where CMAX is located.

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